A New 12-Court Stadium for Perth

On behalf of our community and the indoor sporting community of Perth more broadly, the Perth Basketball Association (Redbacks) have launched a campaign to achieve


Perth Reds has worked closely with the Redbacks over the past four years to advocate for a home for our associations and a new indoor court stadium in our catchment area so that we can cater for surging growth. We are excited to join the Redbacks’ calls for the development of a new 12-court indoor stadium to become the home of our associations.

The petition, calling for a new stadium for Perth, is being sponsored by the Hon. Hannah Beazley MLA and is scheduled to be presented to the Legislative Assembly in mid-August. Perth Reds is strongly supporting this petition and we encourage all of our members, everyone in the WA volleyball community, all indoor sport participants and the wider WA public to get behind and sign this petition.

We are in need of a home: a single location for our clubs, teams, players, coaches and fans.

Now more than ever, Perth Reds is experiencing significant administrative and volleyball challenges stemming from the lack of a home facility and access to sufficient indoor courts. 

This campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues facing indoor sports clubs and teams in the inner metropolitan region and provide a solution that will have a positive, long-term impact. We’re asking everyone with an interest and passion for sport, including players, coaches, referees, fans, administrators, community groups, and schools, to sign the petition.

We are calling on the WA public to support the courts. We need all West Aussies, regardless of their age to sign and share this e-petition so we can clearly demonstrate the strong and urgent need for this multi-sport facility to benefit not only basketball and volleyball, but other indoor sports, other community groups and the wider community.

To all of the members in our Perth Reds community and the wider volleyball community, let’s come together in support of this campaign so that we can have a central and accessible home facility to play and grow our association and our sport.

Our vision is to work together with our community to solve the indoor court crisis in Perth, while also securing a home for our Association.

The outcome of this project will be a 12-court sporting and mixed-use community facility located in 3 Baron Hay Court, Kensington, managed by the Perth Basketball Association.

Should we be successful in our petition, our aim is to build the new stadium within three years.

It means one location for training, more development opportunities for you/your player if you seek them, the potential to grow our our Association and our clubs, and a permanent home ground with ample parking and a range of facilities for players and fans.

It means one location for domestic competitions and the ability for the Association to run more competitions closer to home for our members, in a central and accessible venue. 

The vision is a 12-court sporting and mixed-use community stadium that is built to maximise the utility not only for volleyball but also for multiple indoor sports and provide much-needed meeting spaces and facilities for the wider community. The size of the complex will also provide opportunities for major events, both sporting and other, and be a major point of meeting for the community as a whole.

We have, over an extended period of time, completed extensive research with the support of Volleyball WA, including a feasibility study in partnership with Basketball WA and Perth Basketball Association, visiting and assessing potential sites and reviewing current and prospective player data. We have also consulted widely with leaders in other sporting codes that are also in desperate need of indoor courts. We have now engaged State and Federal government representatives to garner support. The final step in achieving our goals is to generate support from our members by way of petition to secure a pre-election commitment that will achieve this facility for Perth.

We do currently run training in schools before and after school hours. These venues form part of a total of 19 different locations over which we operated in 2023. We are grateful to our school partners for making courts available to us, but running training at schools and other venues does not solve the logistical problem of operating at multiple sites, nor does it solve the problem parents face of getting their children to various different venues, sometimes in two different places at once in the case of multi-child families. This solution also doesn’t resolve the issue of finding a home for our Association.

The time for decisive action is pressing as it must occur before all possible sites are consumed by urban infill and density growth. The feasibility study undertaken by PRVA in partnership with Basketball WA and the Perth Basketball Association found that without action now, the local area (covering most of the inner metropolitan region) might never have suitable local indoor sporting facilities for the kids of the future to play in sporting competitions.

The proposed site is at 3 Baron Hay Court, Kensington. This site is situated between Curtin University and three schools – Kent Street, Como Secondary College and Clontarf. This is important because of its proximity to public transport (Curtin University is a known hub for public transport) and the benefits this facility can bring to these local schools. There is good road access and flat land for an efficient build. Many potential sites have been reviewed in the catchment area and this has not only been determined to be the most appropriate, but the Association has also discovered there are no other suitable sites left in the area.

We have made a lot of progress with our vision. It is now time for our community to help bring this idea to reality. We are supporting the Perth Basketball Association’s formal petition to the State Government to support this project. You can add your name to this petition by August 11. Please also share this campaign with all those in your network who have a love of sport and sporting opportunities for the young people of Perth. Together, we can achieve a facility for Perth that will make a hugely positive impact for years to come.

Any resident of Western Australia, regardless of age, is eligible to sign this petition, so please encourage everyone you know, including kids, to do so. The Perth Reds Volleyball Association or the Perth Basketball Association will not receive or store any data provided to the petition.