Wason announced as Reds Director of Volleyball

A new era has begun for the Reds Volleyball Association with the employment of the first full-time staff member. Max Wason was appointed as the organisation’s Director of Volleyball to strengthen the quality and delivery of programs, events, courses and competitions within the Reds Volleyball Association. Max has been in the role since the beginning of 2023 and has made an incredible difference in the Reds community since then.

Max is a familiar face within the WA volleyball community having previously served stints as the Participation & Education Coordinator and Game & Club Development Coordinator for Volleyball WA. Max also spent time as a volleyball coach at the Fremantle Fury and in the Notre Dame Sports Program where he also worked as the Sports Officer.

Left to Right: Anthony Meo – Reds President, Max Wason – Reds Director of Volleyball and Logan Vanderweide | Reds Vice President.

Wason says, “It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with the passionate, kind, supportive and talented players, coaches, parents and volunteers which make Reds a special organisation to be a part of.”

“It is very special for Reds Volleyball Association to have such an experienced and driven board/leadership group, always wanting to offer innovative opportunities for athletes, improve processes and invest in the future of the sport and Reds,” Wason added.

Max has played a central role in the expansion of Reds Reach programs, the establishment of the Luke Perry Volleyball Academy and the formation of the new Youth Volley League. Max has also been key in the growth and development of Reds Kids Volley and Junior Volley programs.

Wason is proud to be a part of the Reds Volleyball team and with new initiatives on the horizon, Max says that it is an incredible time to be involved as a member at Reds.

“The future direction and potential of Reds as an organisation is exciting and I am looking forward to being involved with the continual development of high quality and inclusive development programs for athletes, new national (or international) representative opportunities and coach education,” Wason said.

Reds Volleyball Association Anthony Meo commended Max on his start to the role and is looking forward to seeing Max continue to offer the WA volleyball community with sensational opportunities. 

“Max has demonstrated himself to be a strong performer for Reds and has become a much loved figure in his short time with our Association. We are incredibly fortunate to have someone with Max’s experience and knowledge of the game providing benefit to our members on the ground in his new role,” Meo said.

Max is available for contact regarding all program enquiries via participation@redsvolley.com or 0481 137 599.