Volunteer at Reds

The Reds rely on the voluntary contributions of individuals to ensure the smooth operation of the Reds – please assist in any way you can.

Over the recent Preseason and Trials period, Reds has grown to over 450 athletes across our State League, Divisions, Junior League and Spikezone programs and as a result, we are looking for additional support from our members.

If you can help in any way, whether that be coaching, volunteering, sponsoring or other administrative support, please get in contact with us. We would really appreciate your help and assistance. 

Junior League Team Manager or Coach

Please complete this form if you would be interested in becoming the team manager or coach for your son or daughter’s Junior League team. 

The Club will be in contact with you closer to the start of the season to explain the role further. 

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help the Reds grow. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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