2022 Australian Volleyball Club Championships – Athlete Registration

Tour Information 

Reds will be sending teams to Bendigo in September to compete in the Australian Volleyball Club Championships. Each team will be comprised of either 9 or 10 players + 2 Reserves who will only travel in the event a player from the team is unable to travel. Reds State League squad coaches will select the teams if more than 9 players nominate. Selections will take place following the close of registrations on Thursday 7 July if required. Trainings will continue throughout September for the touring team(s). 

Teams will fly out of Perth in the morning of Thursday 29 September and return on the morning of Monday 3 October. The competition runs from Friday 30 September to Sunday 2 October. 


By completing this form, you are signalling your intention to represent Reds at the Australian Volleyball Club Championships in Bendigo and agree to complete full tour payment ($1,495) by Thursday 7 July or pay in two instalments: First Instalment due by Thursday 7 July and Second Instalment due by Saturday 30 July. Please use this form to complete both first and second instalments if you are paying in instalments. The cost of the trip includes 4 nights accomodation in Bendigo, flights, game fees and ground transport. 

Please contact Anthony Meo via president@redsvolley.com if you require payment assistance or to discuss payment options if you cannot pay a required instalment. 

The Club will provide all athletes with official tour merchandise and additional playing shirts free of charge at a later date. No payment is required by athletes for these uniform and merchandise items, and sizing will take place later in the year. 

Tour Refund Agreement 

Refunds will only be issued in the event that the Club (i) decides to withdraw a team(s) from the competition, (ii) does not proceed with a team’s nomination or (iii) does not select you to represent a Reds team for the competition. In the event an athlete sustains an injury/illness that impacts their ability to travel and/or compete in the competition, a replacement athlete will be selected to compete, and a refund will be issued following tour payment by the replacement athlete. No refund will be issued in the event there are no Reserve players available to be selected. 



Reds Membership Agreement*

I have read and agree to comply with the Reds Membership Agreement.

Tour Refund Agreement*

Payment Option*

Payment Agreement*

I agree to transfer the payment amount into the Reds Volleyball Club account. BSB: 066163 Account Number: 1072 3357