Training Schedule

Reds Training Schedule

Entry to the gym is allowed at 5:45pm and all athletes must exit the facility by 9:10pm. Athletes who train in the earlier time-slots are expected to enter the gym at 5.45pm to set-up the nets and ensure a prompt start.

Parking is only permitted in the main Aquinas College carpark.

CourtTimeTeam / SquadCoach


Court 15.45-7.25pmState League Squad Men

Joshua Court & Victor Gabriel Goncalves

Court 17.30-9.10pmDivision 2 MenTristan Watts

Court 2 & 3


Reds 1

Reds 2

Reds 3

Hazel Heartley

Ali Huxtable & Harriet Jones

Kyla Sanchez

Court 2 & 3


Reds 4

Reds 5

Reds 6

Reds 13

Reds 14

David Gault

Logan Vanderweide

Sam McLean

Matthew Manno

Dane Ukich, Lochie Watson, Navin Bhat

Court 2 & 3

7.35-9.10pmState League Squad Women

Laurel Wentworth & Greg Hunt

Court 45.45-7.35pm

Division 2 Women

Zak Dempsey & Kirsty Gordon

Court 47.35-9.10pmDivision 2 MenRyan Slater


Wesley College Gym6.30-8.00amReds 18Ryan Slater

Courts 1, 2, 3 & 4


Reds 9

Reds 10

Reds 11

Reds 12

Reds 15

Reds 16

Michael Dempsey

Lewis Peach

Maddy Alder & Grace Marinelli

Georgia O’Driscol

Tom Dempsey

Finn O'Dea

Court 17.30-9.10pmDivision 3 MenJordan Fancote

Court 2, 3 & 4


Reds 7

Reds 8

Reds 17

Lucy Tyler

Cassie Dodd & Alex Thomason

Adilson Silveira


Court 15.45-7.25pmLeague WomenLaurel Wentworth
Court 17.30-9.10pmLeague MenJoshua Court
Court 25.45-7.25pmReserves WomenGreg Hunt
Court 27.30-9.10pmReserves MenVictor Gabriel Goncalves
Court 35.45-7.25pm

Division 2 Women (RJVC)

Jimmie Mok & Tia Chamberlain

Court 37.30-9.10pmDivision 1 MenLee Baker
Court 45.45-7.25pmDivision 1 WomenSamuel Hoskin
Court 47.30-9.10pmDivision 1 Men (RJVC)Anthony Meo