The Reds COVID-19 Factsheet has been developed to provide health and training advice to Reds members to allow for a safe resumption of all trainings at our venues. This Factsheet provides Reds members with relevant health advice from Federal and State Government Health Departments and detailed protocols and procedures for Reds trainings.

Please ensure that you have read and understand this Factsheet before participating in a Reds training session.

Reds COVID-19 Training Advice


Attendance Records

Reds coaches are responsible for recording attendance for the court they are training on. Coaches are also responsible for keeping a hard or electronic copy of these records for their team to track attendance over the course of the season.

Entry and Exit

There will be a designated entry point and a designated exit point for all Reds trainings.

Facility Entry: Participants will wait outside of the gym until instructed to enter by a Reds Venue Controller. Participants must remain socially distanced while waiting outside. Participants must adhere to a “no touch” entry and not touch any doors or windows.

Facility Exit: Following the training session, participants will leave the facility via a designated exit point, that will be separate to the entry point where possible, and walk to the carpark to leave the campus immediately.

Capacity Management 

Capacity limits at each Reds training venues will be determined in accordance with current State Government restrictions. Trainings and participants will be managed accordingly to ensure the safety of all patrons in each training facility.

Staggered Session Times

In order to ensure that capacity regulations are maintained, there will be staggered session times to ensure that all players can safely enter and exit the facility. The change-over period will be used to allow participants to exit the facility and for cleaning to occur where required. Each change-over period will be a minimum of 5 minutes in length. Please refer to the 2022 Reds Training Schedule for further information regarding session times for this season. 

Each training session will be no longer than 2 hours. 


  2. Parents and spectators are not permitted inside the facility. Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick-up their child/children in the carpark. Players, coaches, training supervisors and venue controllers are the only patrons allowed to attend training.
  3. Eliminate ride-sharing with other athletes and make your own way to and from training.
  4. Come to training fully attired in your training outfit. Change your shoes and put on other items (eg. kneepads, ankle-braces) outside of the facility. Change-rooms will not be open.
  5. Check in via the SafeWA or ServiceWA app.
  6. Bring enough water to last for the duration of training.
  7. Maintain physical distancing while waiting to enter the facility.
  8. Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser before and after trainings.
  9. Place personal belongings in the designated equipment area on the stands and take only essential items (eg. water bottles, personal sweat towels) to your training court.
  10. Contribute to a quick and effective set-up of the courts. Do not waste time socialising once inside the facility.
  11. Utilise the towels on each of the courts to wipe sweat from the floor when necessary.
  12. No high fives, handshakes, spitting or unnecessary contact with others. Keep your hands off the glass and avoid touching door handles.
  13. Ensure a prompt net change or pack-down and exit of the facility so that the next training group or the cleaners can enter the facility on time.
  14. Change your shoes and remove other items
    (eg. kneepads, ankle-braces) outside of the facility.
  15. Leave the campus immediately following the conclusion of your session.


Mask wearing may be required in order to train at the direction of the State Government and/or Reds Volleyball Association. Athletes may be refused entry if they do not have a mask based on the advice of the day.

Athletes may be required to wear masks while not actively involved in the training session, as well as while actively participating, to ensure the health and safety of all patrons.

Coaches are required to wear masks, unless delivering an instruction over a distance. Proximity to others and whether training indoors must be considered in relation to mask wearing. For those coaching indoors, masks should be on most of the time unless temporarily removing it for direct instruction, before returning it to a correct position on your face.


The utilisation of outdoor spaces and natural ventilation is preferred over indoor spaces where possible. Doors and windows must be open when training indoors where possible to allow for natural ventilation.


Ball Cleaning Station

Trestle tables will be assembled in the north-western corner of the gym as a designated Ball Cleaning Station. Following the conclusion of each session, all the balls in the facility will be moved to this Station to be sprayed with disinfectant, cleaned with a paper towel and dried with a towel to be ready for future use. Venue Controllers will supervise this process and all players and coaches are asked to contribute to ensure an efficient cleaning process. 

Please do not bring any personal equipment to the training session and assist with cleaning other items of equipment. 

Hand Sanitising Station

Hand sanitising stations will be made available at each training venue. All patrons who enter the facility will be required sanitise before and after training and it is each patron’s responsibility to ensure they have sanitised their hands. 

Personal Equipment Area

A designated Personal Equipment Area will be established on the stands for the main show-court. Any bags or other personal belongings are to be placed in this area. Only essential items (eg. water bottles or sweat towels) may be taken to your court. 

Please ensure that you have read and understand this Factsheet before participating in a Reds training session.