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2022 Volleyball Junior League
Trials – Round 2

Registrations for Reds Volleyball Junior League Trials Round 2 are open ONLY to those athletes who have not already attended trials!

Reds Volleyball Club would like to welcome back returning players and extend a special welcome to new players who will be trialling at Reds. We look forward to seeing you at Round 2 of our Trials as we prepare for the commencement of the Reds Junior Volleyball League season.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Junior League program is very popular and can only function efficiently with the support and assistance from volunteers. If you can assist in any way possible please make contact with our Club and offer your support.
Please do not attend if you have already
attended the first round of trials
Player Name*
Date of Birth*
Are you a Boarder?*
Did you play for Reds Volleyball Club in 2021?*
What Local Government area do you reside in?*


Parent/Guardian Name*
Parental Waiver*
• I hereby consent to the registration of my son/daughter with the Reds Volleyball Club. • I acknowledge that I have been provided with and understand the Code of Conduct of the Club and will obey and observe the rules that are bound by this Code. • I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership set out by the Reds Volleyball Club and understand my rights and obligations under these terms. • I understand that the registration of my son/daughter may be cancelled or suspended by the Club or League should I fail to comply with the Codes and/or any rulings of the Club or League should I breach the Code.
$25 (+$0.78 credit card fee)